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«Mr. Lafrance leadership skills enabled us to stand out and be innovative. The exceptional quality of the experimental assembly resulted in major recognition from our industrial client.»
Martin Levesque, Ph.D.

«The involvement of MËKANIC helped me to complete my PhD in 11 semesters. Their contribution to the design as well as their support for the manufacturing of two testing rigs speeded up the production of experimental data. Their experience and technical knowledge has clearly round out my training as a graduate student.»
M. Cimmino, Ph.D.

«Mr. Lafrance demonstrated exceptional expertise in planning, project management and mechanical design. His vast experience, versatility and extensive technical know-how made it possible to complete very high quality projects.»
Isabelle Villemure, Ing., Ph. D.

«Mr. Lafrance quickly became essential to our project. Without his contribution, this project would not have been possible. His undeniable leadership, remarkable technical skills and vast network of suppliers exceeded our expectations and ensured our project’s success.»
Alberto Teyssedou, Ing., Ph. D.

«The contribution of Mr. Lafrance has been invaluable throughout the design process and I greatly benefited from his technical support. His technical skills allowed me to avoid design errors and produce manufacturing drawings consistent with industry standards. This has greatly helped reduce the overall cost and duration of my PhD project.»
T. Sawadogo, Ph.D.

«M. Lafrance works methodically and efficiently. He has an overview of problems and thus can optimize the approach to come up with simple, practical and clever solutions. He developed a great number of contacts to provide a spectrum of services. This allows him to obtain components, products and services very rapidly and economically.»
Michel Pettigrew, M.Sc., P. Eng., F. ASME


The company was founded in 2013 to support scientists in their quest to impart knowledge and overcome the technical challenges of humanity.

MËKANIC respond swiftly to the most out of the ordinary requests, regardless the research area and the size of your needs. We're proud to be a part of world-class discoveries and innovations from all horizons.