Mëkanic brings your ideas to life

Our team specializes in
designing and manufacturing equipment for scientific research.

Our in-depth knowledge of academia and the industrial world allows us to evaluate the feasibility of your projects and then produce your forward-thinking ideas.

In collaboration with research laboratories, we first explore all possible conceptual avenues, then imagine, design and custom build test benches, lab instruments and scientific tools. All equipment is designed to evolve according to the discoveries.

Mëkanic develops new technologies in partnership
with you.

Having an idea and making equipment is one thing, but creating a final product that meets your scientific goals while being reliable, durable and inspiring is another. This is where our flexibility, our interdisciplinarity and our ability to adapt come into play. And when we develop innovations in areas as diverse as medicine, aerospace and the environment, the basic principles remain the same.


When we are involved at the initial idea stage, our efficiency is optimal. We are then able to advise you with full transparency, to assess the extent of any technical and financial challenges, and thus submit an accurate feasibility study. The goal is to increase your chances of obtaining financing.

Building the bridge between universities
and companies

The desire to improve society concretely through innovation must be cultivated among students. That's why we integrate them into most of our mandates during the design, assembly and commissioning phases. We thus promote the acquisition of transversal skills. Their abilities to create, innovate, solve technical problems and stand out are all skills that will serve them throughout their careers.

Extended and
reliable network

Over time, we have established a network of over 800 suppliers, including industry specialists and machine shops, who help facilitate and accelerate system design and manufacturing. You benefit from the expertise of competent and reliable professionals in all fields.

above all

Health and safety are paramount, and to ensure this, we coordinate those unique aspects of each project with leaders at each university.