We are experts in technical innovation

Most people see our projects as impossible. Instead, we consider them as challenges to be met. Risk and the unknown inspire us to create and innovate. All our projects are unique systems manufactured as a one of a kind.

Here are some of our proudest achievements.

Multinozzle aerospace 3D
printing system
Cannon to study aerospace
shot peening
Robotic displacement system with Pitot probe for aircraft engine
Aircraft engine
compressor test section
Climatic chamber for engineered
wood building envelope
System for manufacturing ceramic composite aerospace materials
Instationary detachment generated by a jet with a PIV-3D system
Electrodiffusion probes with a laser Doppler anemometer test bench
Test bench for drinking water
Probe for measuring the clearance of rotary engine turbine compressors
Test bench for measuring vibrations in a nuclear steam generator
Medical device prototype