Robotic displacement system with Pitot probe for aircraft engine

Robots / Aerospace

Societal benefits
Allows the study of very high velocity turbines used in jet engines. In this case, the equipment allows the study of the efficiency of the turbine compressors in order to reduce fuel consumption.

Develop and manufacture a system to scan the area behind a jet engine compressor blade during operation with a pitot type airspeed sensor. The bidirectional system allows circumferential and radial movement, is pressure tight and can be operated up to 60°C. The system is remotely controlled from a secure control room.

Development time
16 months

Technological advancements

  • Extremely compact robotic micrometric displacement
  • High displacement force
  • Axis of circumferential displacement
  • Operates at moderately high temperature


  • Dimensions: 12.5″ x 2.4″ x 7″H [320 x 61 x 175 mm]
  • Weight: 3 lbs [1.4 kg]
  • Radial displacement: ± 0.500″ [± 12.5 mm] / accuracy ± 0.001″ [± 0.025 mm]
  • Angular displacement: ± 5° / accuracy ± 0.01°
  • Operating temperature: 10-80°C
  • Pressure tightness: 30 psig max. [2.0 bar]