Test bench for measuring vibrations in a nuclear steam generator

Nuclear / Vibrations

Societal benefits
Produce more reliable steam generators for turbine-alternator sets used in nuclear power plants.

Develop and manufacture a hydraulic loop and test section to replicate the flow conditions at the outlet of a steam generator tube plate used at the heart of nuclear power plants. This equipment makes it possible to carry out vibration tests on a steam generator’s internal components.

Development time
12 months

Technological advancements

  • Produce a flow equivalent to current conditions at the heart of a nuclear power plant
  • Vibration measurement on thin sheets immersed in water and subjected to high velocity jets

Scientific advancements
Understanding of an unpredictable vibration phenomenon that may lead to premature degradation of steam generators.


  • Recirculating water basin: 320 USGAL [1200 L]
  • Recirculation pump: 40 HP / 85 psig [30 kW / 5.9 bar]
  • Pressure in the test section: 15 psig max. [1.0 bar]
  • Test section with four removable windows
  • Vibration measurement on instrumented thin sheets with immersible strain gauges