Probe for measuring the clearance of rotary engine turbine compressors

Aerospace / Instrumentation

Societal benefits
Allows the study of very high velocity rotating parts used in jet engines. In this case, the goal is to maintain the efficiency of the turbine compressors throughout their life in order to reduce fuel consumption.

Develop and manufacture four probes that measure the blade clearance of a jet engine turbine compressor in real-time. The system allows in situ calibration to minimize the metallic environment’s influence on the measuring probe.

Development time
2 months

Technological advancements

  • Calibration in situ when rotating parts are in operation
  • Extremely compact design to meet congestion requirements


  • Measurement range: 0-0.030″ [0-0.8 mm]
  • Probe tip: Ø 0.250 in [Ø 6.4 mm]
  • Operating temperature: 10-60°C
  • High frequency signal conditioning system